Redeemer is Proud to Offer its Summer Camp to Currently Enrolled Redeemer K-4th Grade Students


This camp is designed for campers who want to take advantage of all that is summer! Playing, crafting, games, and activities will fill those long summer days with action and excitement. Campers will enjoy opportunities to connect with nature while making new friends and having fun. This camp will offer a safe and playful environment for campers to make summer memories that will last a lifetime.

Registration Fee                                                                         $100.00

Extended Care                                                                         Daily Rate

AM Extended Care (7:00-8:00) – $4.00

PM Extended Care (3:00-5:30) – $11.00

Summer Camp                                                                       Weekly Rate

Weekly Price (8:00-3:00) – $150.00

Weekly All Inclusive Price (7:00-5:30) –  $175.00


Week 1 – June 6-7, Game On 2.0  

 Join us to improve your athleticism through physical education based games.  We will focus on the development of speed, agility, flexibility, and the fast paced critical decision making needed to become a winner. This camp offers your child the opportunity to develop their sports skills in a safe and age-appropriate environment.


Week 2 – June 10-14, Forts and Tunnels

Campers will have fun turning branches into forts meant for spies or explorers! They will create tunnels or secret hideouts using easy-to-find materials, a few tools and lots of imagination. It will be a week of open-ended play that emphasizes unstructured creative exploration with diverse natural materials.


Week 3 – June 17-21, Artistic Explorations

Campers will enjoy creating works of art that directly relate to that day’s theme. We will be exploring many different types of materials and styles of creating art.  Campers will participate in studio art explorations in clay, printmaking, painting and sculpture.


Week 4 – June 24-28, Get in the Glow

Get into the Glow with a week filled with designing and creating glow in the dark gear! Throughout the week, campers will engage in glow in the dark crafts and projects, including glow in the dark bouncy balls, t-shirts, face painting, and bowling.


Week 5 – July 1-5, Abstract Playful Sculptures

 Campers will explore a variety of fantastic and familiar art materials including clay, wire, wood and unconventional materials to create lively sculptures. The week will culminate with an art exhibit of students’ abstract playful sculptures.


Week 6 – July 8-12, Tinkering Studio: Toy Take-Apart  

Have you ever wondered how a toy works? What’s inside? How they light up? Move? If you like to be creative, take things apart, and rebuild them, this is the camp for you. Calling all Makers! We will use tools such as screwdrivers, scissors, and seam rippers to explore the inner circuitry and mechanisms. We will build simple circuits to help our ‘new’ toy light up. Take apart more than one toy and hack them together to make something new!


Week 7 – July 15-19, You-Kelele

Want to learn how to play the ukulele this summer while having fun with your friends? Learn the basics and history of this versatile instrument while making music together. The course includes how to play chords and songs while offering room for improvisation and songwriting.


Week 8- July 22-July 30, Create a Comic Book

Students will learn about the fundamentals of the comic page and be introduced to the visual language needed when creating a short form script. They will learn to create their own characters using Pixton software and will expand their work into refining their character, as well as learning about creating tone and impact through various storytelling and compositional strategies. The final project goal is for each student to design a cover page for their full-length paperback book that will be published for take-home.