Redeemer acknowledges the vital importance of providing opportunities for developing creativity.


In Art class, the students will be learning about various artists, their mediums, and their art styles. The Masters will be taught, as well as more modern-day artists. Art students will have experiences using a variety of mediums. They will draw, paint, sculpt, and take photographs. They will use drawing pencils, pens, markers, various paints, pastels, charcoal, and clay. The students will learn artistic techniques related to line use, perspective, depth, shading, etc. Art incorporates other academic skills such as Language, History, Science, and Math. The students will learn new vocabulary, geography, spatial concepts related to art, the biographical history of artists and their time periods, the science of paint blending, and the physical balance of materials with sculpture. The students will be encouraged to tap into their creativity and imagination.


Students in grades K-5 have weekly music classes where they learn proper singing techniques, and the history of music and instruments such as Boomwhackers, Recorders, and Chimes. Redeemer Lutheran School also offers two handbell choir electives to students in grades 6-8. These groups perform in the community, and a few times in worship services during the school year, and they compete in a national music festival each May. Additionally, students in grades Kindergarten through 8th participate in the Spring Musical. Each student plays a valuable role in these shows.
They have performed such musicals as “Beauty and the Beast, “Frozen”, “Mary Poppins” and “The Little Mermaid”.

Physical Education

Redeemer’s PE philosophy is “Get Kids moving”.  Through a variety of fun games and exercises, our students move the entire PE class and do not realize that they’ve just exercised for an entire class.  Our coach covers the gamut of movement from throwing and catching games, to kicking and passing games.  The students learn locomotor skills through a variety of tagging and movement games as well.  Let’s have some FUN!


Redeemer offers Spanish language interactive age-appropriate classes that help students appreciate their role in our global society.

Foreign language study promotes mental discipline, enhances the understanding of the structure and inner workings of language in general, expands the vocabulary of the student’s native language, and enriches the student’s appreciation of other cultures.

In Spanish class, the students will use a variety of methods to teach vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and writing. Songs, videos, games, and puppets are some of the creative ways Spanish is taught in elementary school. Skits, games, and individual learning approaches are all included in upper elementary to middle school classes. Guest speakers are also a part of our Spanish program.

Technology, the Media Center, and the Makerspace

With the widespread dependence upon computer-based technologies, Redeemer recognizes the importance of integrating technology into the educational experiences of its students. Technology, in its many forms, has become a powerful tool to enrich the curriculum, expand instruction, and excite learning.  At Redeemer, our Media Center houses our outstanding school library, our computer lab, and our creative and collaborative Makerspace. Students in grades K-8 visit our Media Center two to three times a week depending on their grade level and enrichment courses.

Digital Citizenship is an essential part of our technology curriculum. At Redeemer, we are committed to educating, protecting, and empowering our students to make responsible, respectful, and safe choices in today’s digital world.  We take pride in knowing that our students will have the tools and knowledge needed to become responsible digital citizens. Our Media Center staff assists students and staff with all of their library needs and our Technology Director manages our device management and implementation.. iPads are 1:1 in grades k-3, and Chromebooks, in grades 4-8, are also 1:1.  Throughout the year electives are offered to our middle school students which may include lessons in Cyber Civics.

Our Makerspace, based in our Media Center, is a creative space where students engage in electronics, circuitry, magnetics, engineering, robotics, and many other collaborative projects. Students with unique or shared interests, especially in computing or technology, gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge. In our Makerspace, students create, invent, and learn!

At Redeemer, productivity, communication, research, and learning are dramatically enhanced through all forms of media. Additionally, Redeemer teachers work side by side with our Technology Director to ensure that educational technologies are successfully integrated into each student’s day.