Redeemer offers a challenging Christ-centered curriculum that emboldens our students and faculty.

The distinctive Redeemer curriculum brings flexibility and creativity to the classroom, optimizes our Makerspace, and demonstrates our enduring commitment to preparing our students to be Christian leaders in the world ahead.

Learning expectations for schools are profoundly different today than even a decade ago. Schools must be hotbeds of creativity, imagination, and innovation. The key to success is the investment of time, thought, energy, and resources toward desired educational outcomes. Student learning requires the integration of a well-developed curriculum and instructional design supported by intentional and ongoing assessment. Learning results when teaching and assessments are correctly aligned with proper student engagement. In these ways, Redeemer Lutheran School accomplishes many of its primary objectives.

Redeemer Lutheran School is a private school in Stuart Florida that provides a top-notch curriculum that meets and often exceeds the Florida State Standards for students living in Florida.

English and Social Studies – Through our Social Studies and Reading curricula we cover events and stories (both fiction and nonfiction) in keeping with the cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic demographics of this area and Florida as a whole. Teaching children to think critically, preparing them to be Christian leaders, and giving them the opportunity to serve are fundamental to this portion of Redeemer’s curriculum. We also encourage students to problem-solve using higher-order thinking skills. Each student needs to know how to effectively communicate across a wide spectrum. In English (Grammar and composition), students are taught how to construct a sentence, paragraph, and ultimately an essay and how to make a public oral presentation using a variety of tools. In Social Studies, the students of Redeemer are guided through lessons and topics that help them to be more aware of events and happenings in our community, our state, our country, and the world around them. We teach about significant events of the past, and how we have learned from them. We also teach the students about sharing God’s love with whom we come in contact.

MathematicsMathematics provides students with the opportunity to develop and maintain logic, reasoning skills, and critical thinking skills. Our mathematics curricula provide a wide range of learning practices in the areas of number sense, operations and math fact practice, data analysis and probability, measurement, algebraic reasoning, and geometric reasoning.  In the early grades, students are provided with an extensive range of experiences, including hands-on learning with the use of manipulatives, to critically think about mathematical rules and patterns and apply those understandings to real-life situations.  By the middle grades, students begin to move from the more concrete concepts of elementary math into the more abstract concepts that prepare our students to formulate and manipulate the rules and patterns of algebraic thinking and reasoning.  Beginning in 6th grade, those students who excel in the area of mathematics have an opportunity to participate in an advanced math program which puts them on track to study and complete Algebra as an 8th grader and to take the End-of-Course Algebra test through Martin County before their freshman year in high school.

Science and Technology– Students learn about how to care for the environment around them and what they can do to make it a better place. Our curriculum prepares students to be positive leaders in the community by assisting students in learning how to think scientifically and allowing them to develop an understanding of many different science concepts. Students are able to observe and manipulate elements of the natural world and gain practice using scientific process skills. We also work with the Environmental Studies Center in Stuart to educate students about the importance of our ecosystem and conservation in this area. Technology is ever-changing; we embrace change and are constantly reflecting current technology practices in our daily instruction. Digital citizenship is a key element of Redeemer’s technology curriculum.

Religion – Our religion curriculum reaches many of our students who do not attend church on a regular basis. Through our CPH religion curriculum, we share with the children many Bible stories and age-appropriate Lutheran doctrine. We also prepare them for success at the next level academically. One of our goals is that students at Redeemer are positive leaders in the classroom and the community as well. Leadership while living out one’s faith is built throughout our experiences together in the classroom, on the athletic fields, on trips, etc. Our community needs confident young people to step up as positive role models and influences for all ages. Redeemer students are prepared to do so. The feedback that we’ve received from graduates, their parents, and public high school teachers is that our students arrive at high school very well-prepared for their freshman year. Curricular studies are put in place to prepare the students for their involvement as a member of the community.