At Redeemer, our exceptional kindergarten through eighth-grade teachers have a

State of Florida Certification and are teaching at the grade level for which they are certified.

All Preschool teachers have their appropriate credentials and certificates.

School Administration

Karyn McChrystal


Heather Cowles

School Office Administrator

Kathy Hand

School Bookkeeper

Officer Jordan Grose

School Resource Officer

Department Directors

Joy Beach

Music Director

Donna Hascup

Technology Director

Ricky Mercado

Athletic Director

Enrichment Teachers

Angie Jones

Spanish Teacher

Karen Piscitello

Art Teacher

Jennifer Snyder

School Librarian & Makerspace

Primary Elementary Education

Amy Zuloaga

Kindergarten Teacher

Jessica Tornese

1st Grade Teacher

Kristine Paskoski

2nd Grade Teacher

Angie Jones

Kindergarten Aide

Cheryl Frey

1st Grade Aide

Christy Covey

2nd Grade Aide

Intermediate Elementary Education

Tracy Frawley

3rd Grade Teacher

Jenny Hundertmark

4th Grade Teacher

Sunny Mercado

5th Grade Teacher

Middle School Education

Cristina Rose

6th Grade Homeroom, Middle School Science

Jessica Wittcop

7th Grade Homeroom, Middle School Mathematics

Crislyn Grubb

8th Grade Homeroom, Middle School Language Arts

Ricky Mercado

Middle School American History