Preparing, Equipping, Motivating – 2022-2023 

This program is specially designed for our students who will be eligible for  Kindergarten the following school year. 

Our Redeemer preschool team of administrators and highly-qualified instructors have been collectively planning for several months to transition our former VPK  program into a more uniquely-designed Kindergarten-Readiness program. For the  2022-2023 school year, we are ready to make this dream possible! We have elected to revoke the state-funded VPK program in order to offer our students and families this exciting alternative to VPK. 

What This Means for Parents 

While we still recommend your K-Readiness student to attend Redeemer five days per week, there will be no more 80/20 attendance rule. This means no more extensive attendance tracking, excessive parent paperwork, or daily sign-ins and outs. We will transition attendance to our mobile app once more and take a more individualized approach to your child’s attendance. Parents will be offered the same flexibility as the remainder of the preschool. We will be charging tuition rates comparable to our other Redeemer preschool programs, allowing for your student to continue to receive the most optimal level of care as well as high-quality  K-Readiness instruction! 

Our Approach to Learning 

As an alternative to the state curriculum restrictions, cramming all instructional components of the day into the former 3-hour time frame is not conducive for a  young child’s growth academically. Instead, we will be able to expand upon the state curriculum standards, as well as implement unique curricular activities throughout your child’s day, giving them a more balanced schedule. Our program will be aligned with the same level of excellence as Redeemer’s K-8th grade programs, with a focus on transitional learning. 

Our goals will not be set on where your child’s academics compare to those in the state of FL, but focus more on the individual goals for each child’s unique approaches to learning. We will replace the state-written assessments with our own progressive quarterly evaluations that focus on students’ individual developmental and academic learning goals. 

The integration of social-emotional learning, with Christ-like love at the epicenter, is very important to us at Redeemer. We will now be able to truly build upon each child’s unique set of God-given gifts to aid them in their preparation for Kindergarten with the ultimate goal of instilling a lifelong love of learning. 

Curricula for 2022-2023 includes but is not limited to; 

‘The Creative Curriculum for Preschool Learning’ from Teaching Strategies ‘One in Christ’ from Concordia Publishing House 

‘Phonemic Awareness Pre-K’ from Heggerty