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Principally Speaking

By Jim Essig

In talking about Christian stewardship, we often mention the “3 T’s”—talent, time, and treasure. As Christian parents, grandparents, and teachers, we need to teach our children how to effectively manage these three areas of their lives: their time, their money, and their energy. All three of these are gifts from God, and we have the responsibility to use these gifts wisely.

Let’s look first of all at “time.” We need to help our children budget their time appropriately so that they are not staying up until 11:00 or 12:00 doing homework because they watched TV or played with their friends too long in the afternoon and evening. Especially as children get involved in sports, dance, drama, art, music, horseback riding, martial arts, and other extracurricular activities, we need to help our children to project realistically how much time they will need to allot for daily homework, class projects, and studying for tests. Also connected with time is the study environment. Some children claim that they can study well while the TV is on or while music is playing. Not everyone is as gifted at “multi-tasking” as they think they are. Guiding children regarding appropriate use of the computer, TV, and other possible distractors is vital.

In terms of money, we adult role models need to demonstrate the responsible use of money. Some people misquote Scripture by saying, “Money is the root of all kinds of evil.” What the Bible actually says is, “The LOVE of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” Once again, money is a gift from God and a tool that we should diligently teach our children to use wisely. Something as simple as labeling several envelopes with words such as “Church, Chapel, & Charities;” “Savings & Investing;” and “Spending Money” can get children onto the right track.

The third area of focus, use of energy, is extremely important. We need to help our children learn that God has a purpose for their life. Children need to treat their bodies with respect and care since they are temples of the Holy Spirit. Proper diet, exercise, and sleep are imperative as children use their bodies to accomplish their schoolwork and their other activities. We role models need to help our children realize that they are living for God and should use their energy to assist other people besides themselves.

God has granted each of us a limited supply to time, money, and energy, so we need to seek His guidance as to how we use these valuable resources in order to draw people into His eternal kingdom and in order to prepare our children to be Christian leaders.