Volunteer & Participation Opportunities

Volunteer and Participation Opportunities


Redeemer Church and School

August 2021

Many of the COVID restrictions have been removed, at least for now, but this could change in the future.  Also, some of the activity groups have added online participation, in addition to in-person participation, for those that cannot attend in person due to mobility issues, other health-related issues, concern about in-person meetings, and the threat of contracting the COVID virus, or just too busy to attend in-person due to work or family commitments.  Each activity group will decide what is best for their participants and plan accordingly.

The needs of our congregation, school, and community do not change, so we need to be creative in finding ways to work around any future restrictions and dangers; and continue to serve each other and our community.

If you have specific questions about an activity or want more details, please contact one of the leaders of the activity directly.

To download the directory, please click on this link.

Thanks for your interest and participation,

Patricia Strutz-Behm  pstrutz@yahoo.com 715-891-1173

Bill Robinson discipleship@redeemerstuart.com 404-245-9123