The quilters meet every Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. in Albracht Hall to make and tie quilts mostly for missions. The quilts have been sent overseas through Lutheran World Relief as well as given to Care Net, MISS, SafeSpace, and Redeemer’s high school graduates. The group also makes the special quilts for the annual school auction and Angel Baby clothing for local hospitals to give away for stillborn and preemie babies. Contact Kathy Barger or Jan Hanssen for more information.

Heart Lifters

Heart Lifters meet to make, write and send encouraging cards to shut-ins, people on the prayer chain, and others. Each card is different and unique to its maker and usually contains a personal note. The group usually meets on a Saturday morning once a month. Contact Sally Hellyer to join in a session or to assist.

Praying Hands and Hearts

This dedicated group of knitters and crocheters, also known as our Shawl Ministry, makes baby blankets, baby items, prayer shawls, and other needed items for hospitals, shut-ins, nursing homes, Hospice, and others who need to be wrapped in God’s love and grace. Most ladies work at home, but the group occasionally meets for fellowship and devotions. Call Hannelore Hettig to get started.