Lunch orders will be done a bit differently this year. You may simply print the hot lunch form and then, circle what you want and write large or small in each box. Salads come in large only. Please total your orders and include your child’s name and grade at the bottom of your order form. Orders must be in Thursday morning by 9:00 am for the following week. You may order for one week or the entire month, but please note that once orders are placed, there will be no cancellations, credits or refunds. You will also need to keep track of your orders because once we hand the orders off to Bono’s, we will not have a copy in the office. It is recommended that you take a picture or make a copy of your orders before submitting the form with payment to the school office. Exact cash or checks made payable to Bono’s BBQ and Grill are the two payment options.


Important lunch details

  1. Lunch orders are due to the school office no later than Thursday at 9:00 am for the following week. You may order for the entire month.
  2.  No cancellations, credits or refunds once an order is received.
  3. Please be sure not to order a lunch if your child has a field trip.
  4. Please be sure to write your child’s name and grade and total your lunch orders at the bottom of your lunch form.
  5. Please make a copy or take a picture of your lunch order.
  6. Please pay with exact cash or checks payable to Bono’s.
  7. Starting Friday, November 9th,  We are going to start offering Bagel Break as a Friday lunch option.  Please place your order using the Bagel Break lunch order form.