Device Program Description

The K-8 grade students will be provided with a Redeemer issued device. The device enhances teaching and learning at Redeemer Lutheran Church and School (RLCS). We are proud of our commitment to provide our students with the most contemporary and complete Christian, elementary and high school preparatory education available. The addition of a device to our educational environment provides students with both a digital reading device and also a mobile computing device to enhance the cutting-edge classroom instruction and research-based education found at Redeemer Lutheran Church and School.

The 1:1 program at RLCS provides tools and resources to the student that enrich their daily educational experience. Effective teaching and learning with devices integrates technology into the curriculum anytime, anyplace.

The policies, procedures, and information within the Device Policy apply to all devices used at RLCS. Please refer to the Parent Handbook should you have further questions about the use of devices, including personal devices while your child is at school.

Device Distribution and Care

In most cases, students will be issued devices near the beginning of the school year after the family has signed and returned the Device Policy.  The devices are the property of RLCS. Students are responsible for the care of the device that they have been issued by the school and are respectfully reminded to use the device in conformity with the Device Policy as well as the school’s Educational Technology Guidelines as outlined in the Parent Handbook.

We are excited to provide these devices to our students and look forward to a productive school year!

Questions or Comments? Contact our Technology Director, Donna Hascup, at