Vivian Throgmorton Preschool Director

At Redeemer Lutheran Preschool we believe a  child’s work is play, and through play and directed learning a child can grow and learn about himself and God’s world. A day at our preschool provides a child many opportunities to explore and relate to others in a positive and nurturing environment. Time is balanced between center time, group and individual time, indoor and outdoor time, and quiet and active time. Some of the centers available on a given day include block building, stringing beads, clay molding, music, dress-up, arts and crafts, reading books, writing, cooking, etc.

Each teacher is responsible for all the children in her care. She writes weekly lesson plans, sets up her classroom and directs age appropriate activities for the children. Children are encouraged to express themselves and share their feelings about circumstances and other people by using their words rather than physical force. Christian character traits are taught and encouraged through these experiences.

Redeemer Lutheran Preschool is both academic and developmental in its approach to teaching children. Teachers will provide learning activities that best meet the needs of the children. These could be both teacher directed and child directed.

Everyday learning activities include:

  • Language Development
  • Pre-Reading Skills
  • Pre-Math Skills
  • Faith Experiences
  • Creative Thinking, Reasoning, Questioning, and Experimentation
  • Creative Expression and Appreciation of the Arts


All teachers are required to complete a minimum of:

To ensure the highest quality in staffing, each employee has been screened by local, state law enforcement, and the FBI.

Additional Information

We have a comprehensive, year-long curriculum that:

  • Provides explicit instruction in early language, reading, and math skills.
  • Combines child-centered explorations with teacher-directed instruction.
  • Has a flexible and easy-to-use format.
  • Provides in-depth formal and informal assessment.
  • Includes rich English and Spanish resources.
  • Integrates Professional Development into each lesson plan.
  • Features activities for families to extend the learning day.