School Board Members

  • John Lendman, Chairman
  • Jean Blank, Secretary
  • Rachel Satterfield
  • Debbie Braley
  • Scott Scherer
  • Angel Callewaert
  • Lilly Joseph
  • Jim Essig, Principal (ex officio)
  • Lauren Restina, Early Childhood Director (ex officio)
  • Kristine Paskoski, Teacher Representative (ex officio)
  • Jenny Norman, Bookkeeper (ex officio)
  • Renee Wade and Suzanne Gardner, PTO Chairs (ex officio)

PTO Representatives

  • Renee Wade, PTO Co-President
  • Suzanne Gardner, PTO Co-President

For policy change suggestions or school board information, please feel free to e-mail our Principal, Jim Essig.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Redeemer Lutheran School Board is charged to:

  • Set the vision and direction of the school
  • Set policies for the school
  • Recommend to the congregation the calling of new teachers or administrators
  • Determine what fundraisers the school will use for the year
  • Oversee the administration of the school
  • Set Registration fees and Tuition amounts each year
  • Ensure safety at the school
  • Aid in setting the budget for the school
  • Establish a calendar for the school year


Redeemer Lutheran Church and School’s School board members are elected each year by the Redeemer Lutheran Church and School congregation. Board personnel are members in good standing of Redeemer Lutheran Church.