Crossing the Bridge to the Future…Together

Our members, school families and visitors cross many bridges to come to Redeemer whether year round or for a season. Bridges take us places. Bridges allow us to move past or over challenging terrain. Over time our bridges also need care and maintenance.

Redeemer Lutheran Church and School is facing some challenging terrain to cross. Christ and his cross are able to bridge any terrain no matter how rough the waves or how much the tide surges.

God chooses each of us to be stewards of his resources at Redeemer. We have some mission related capital improvements to address, a debt repayment bridge to cross that will free up future offerings, and a wealth of mission opportunities to span. All these will help us increase support for our mission of “reaching out into the community to be the best for the community.”

Before we cross this stewardship bridge, God is challenging us and supporting us in greater commitment to his word and sacraments. With this increased faith, let’s cross this bridge to the future…together.

We pray you find the following information helpful and that it inspires you to join us on this journey of faith:

Introductory Letter from Pastor Brian

School Newsletter