The voters of Redeemer, upon recommendation of the Finance Committee and Church Council, approved the capital campaign in 2012 to increase support for Redeemer’s mission of reaching out into the community and beyond to share the love of Christ with everyone. Funds raised will be utilized as follows:

  • 40% to reduce the current debt (mortgage) so that funds will be freed up to support the missions and ministries of Redeemer.

  • 40% for campus capital improvements to better serve the community who come on campus and to expand mission opportunities.

  • 20% for Redeemer’s mission outreach programs (to be researched by the Board of Christian Outreach, who will make the recommendations to the voters).

Using the above guidelines, campaign proceeds will be distributed on a regular basis after May 1, 2013, as determined by the Finance Committee and Church Council, so that:

  • The mortgage principal can be paid down as quickly as possible.

  • Improvements around the campus can be made as funding becomes available. The Properties Board will prioritize the needed improvements based on safety, liability, necessity, and outreach potential as well as funding availability.

  • Current and/or new mission project(s) can begin or be expanded as proposed by the Board of Christian Outreach and approved by the voters.

Regular reports of distributions and results will be made to the congregation and school families and friends.